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Design Strategies

At 360 CAD Services Inc., we have embraced the "6 P's" of design ideology:

Proper Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance.

We believe that the basis of every project, independent of size, begins with a thoughtful approach to the genesis, the route, and the desired outcomes of every project. We encourage an initial meeting with new clients or the proponents of new projects, to set up a "path" in which we discuss the timelines and budgets, identification of parameters, and desired project outcomes. In this way, we prepare to meet the goals of the projects by keeping everyone informed and involved.

We also embrace the importance of intellectual property and we offer our clients, during the initial meeting, a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement. An expression of our intention to respectfully protect project information and meet the privacy expectations of our clients.

Even the best planning can never avoid the unexpected from happening and we strive to free ourselves of "closet thinking" and we are always open to new ideas and changes in direction.

Flexibility is a word that has meaning to us.